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Merge Manor: Sunny House 1.1.21 MOD APK Unlimited money

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Merge Manor: Sunny House
App Name Merge Manor: Sunny House
Genre Puzzle
Size 179.41MB
Latest Version 1.1.21
MOD Info Unlimited money
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Rating 5.0/5 (4 votes)
下载 APK (179.41MB)
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Merge Manor: Sunny House MOD APK 1.1.17,Unlimited money

Grandma? Where are you?!Something mysterious has happened in Sunny’s family home! Unravel the family’s hidden secret and renovate the mansion.Merge items to help Sunny design and decorate the mansion’s garden to its former glory.Join Sunny’s adventure to solve the secret of the mystery manor. Unfold a story full of twists and turns!Help Sunny while enjoying the relaxing merge puzzles with different themes.Keep your mood SUNNY side up with Merge Manor : Sunny House ☀️Game Features:- RENOVATE, decorate and expand your garden & mansion with unique locations that tie into the story!Get ready to redesign, rebuild and customize things the way you want. In Sunny’s House, you will manage the renovation of several parts of your estate: the facade of your home, the fountains, the old lake, beehives and dog houses and much more! Complete the makeover of the whole garden and the mansion and receive tons of awards!- MATCH flowers and solve hundreds of addictive blast merge levels!To accomplish your design ideas, you will have to use stars. And for that you’ll need to play merging games of which there are hundreds available in Sunny House. Some of them can be challenging, but luckily, you will earn rewards throughout the game (like boosters!) which can help you overcome those fun but tricky merge blast merges!- ENJOY plot twists in the story and uncover hidden secrets and mysteries along the way!Sunny’s House is not just a decorating and merging game, what makes it unique is its exciting story! You’ll meet many characters and interact with them, prepare yourself for the most amazing encounters: from a strange (but cute!) neighbor, to new family members and even some four legged friends!- EXPLORE the garden with its hidden objects, dozens of flowers and unlock secret areasThe garden you will be remodelling is large and abounds with secrets and mysteries! As you advance in the game, you will get to explore new areas, come across many surprises and be tasked with solving several enigmas!- RELAX and dig into the mystery of the mansion!Besides being a fun and beautifully designed game, Sunny’s House is also an excellent way to relax! Take a break from your stressful activities and spend some time diving into a calming world of landscaping and yard decorating full of mystery. Not only will it be satisfying to revive your old family garden, but you will also love working alongside Sunny and her many challenges and tasks. You will also experience a real love story with your neighbors and meet so many quirky characters along the way!- SPECIAL EVENTS and REWARDS: Participate in daily special events and earn great rewards! Join tournaments for even bigger wins.- MAKE FRIENDS: Join a family to interact and chat with other players and exchange lives and game boosters!Flowers are blossoming and Sunny’s House is ready for its makeover! Are you ready to decorate and renovate this beautiful garden?Sunny’s House will be updated with more blast merges to solve and more romantic chapters regularly! Stay tuned for updates and drop us a review!

Merge Manor: Sunny House 介绍

Merge Manor: Sunny House 作为近期非常火爆的puzzle游戏,在全球收获了很多喜爱puzzle游戏的粉丝。如果你想下载这款游戏,作为全球最大的mod apk免费游戏下载网站——moddroid是你最好的选择。 moddroid不仅免费为您提供最新版 Merge Manor: Sunny House 1.1.17,还免费提供Unlimited money mod,帮你省去游戏中重复的机械任务,让你专注享受游戏本身带来的快乐。 moddroid 承诺任何 Merge Manor: Sunny House 模组都不会向玩家收取任何费用,并且100%安全、可用、免费安装。只需下载moddroid客户端,即可一键下载安装 Merge Manor: Sunny House 1.1.17。你还在等什么,下载 moddroid 玩吧!


Merge Manor: Sunny House 作为一款热门的puzzle游戏,其独特的玩法帮助他在全球收获了大量的粉丝。不同于传统的puzzle游戏,在 Merge Manor: Sunny House 中,你只需要通读新手教程,就可以轻松上手整个游戏,享受经典puzzle游戏带来的欢乐Merge Manor: Sunny House1.1.17。同时,moddroid还专门为puzzle游戏爱好者搭建了一个平台,让你与全世界所有puzzle游戏爱好者交流分享,还等什么,加入moddroid,享受puzzle 与全球所有合作伙伴一起快乐游戏


和传统的puzzle游戏一样, Merge Manor: Sunny House 有着独特的美术风格,其高品质的画面、地图和人物让 Merge Manor: Sunny House 吸引了很多puzzle的粉丝,并对比对于传统的puzzle游戏, Merge Manor: Sunny House 1.1.17采用了更新的虚拟引擎并进行了大胆的升级。随着更先进的技术,游戏的画面体验得到了极大的提升。在保留puzzle原有风格的同时,最大程度提升了用户的感官体验,并且有多种不同类型的apk手机,适应性极好,确保所有puzzle游戏爱好者都能充分享受快乐 Merge Manor: Sunny House 带来的1.1.17


传统的puzzle游戏需要用户在游戏中花费大量时间来积累财富/能力/技能,这既是游戏的特色又是乐趣,但同时,积累的过程也不可避免让人感到疲倦,但现在,mods的出现改写了这种局面。在这里,你不需要花费大部分精力,重复那些略显枯燥的“积累”。 Mods可以轻松帮你省略这个过程,从而帮助你专注于享受游戏本身的乐趣


只需点击下载按钮安装moddroid APP,即可直接一键下载moddroid安装包中的免费mod版本 Merge Manor: Sunny House 1.1.17,还有更多免费热门mod游戏等你来玩,还等什么,赶紧下载吧!

下载 Merge Manor: Sunny House (MOD, Unlimited money )

下载 APK (179.41MB)
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