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Pixel Combat
App Name Pixel Combat
Genre Action
Size 121.95MB
Latest Version 4.1.11
MOD Info Unlimited money
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Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike presents people with fascinating gameplay, eye-catching and friendly graphics, coupled with many impressive concepts to give them the best experience of killing zombies. The many entertainments integrated into the gameplay will further enhance its value and give players a unique exploration of FPS games' potential. If you need a zombie shooting game with light and relaxing content, this game will be a perfect start. Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike


Pixel Combat has a simple gameplay that expands continuously based on their progress, and at its core is for players to survive in countless zombie waves. However, its large and spacious map comes with many obstacles for players to prolong survival or kill zombies more easily. The great thing is that each fight has an infinite duration, and the player can only end when they die. Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike However, while they survive, they can buy, unlock, and upgrade new gear, including weapons, items, grenades, and armor. Each category has rich depth, giving players many options to build the best survival experiences while running from zombies. Furthermore, it will add many special features or content to the gameplay to expand players' potential to survive for a long time.


Besides entertaining and endless gameplay, the game will introduce a massive weapon system that ranges from various types for players to enjoy shopping. When starting new matches, players will have to use low-level weapons, thereby gradually buying or upgrading new weapons for better performance. Meanwhile, ammunition will drop from enemies or appear fixed at a few locations in the map for players to build countless survival strategies. Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike


Pixel Combat will integrate with a control mechanism that is fully flexible and versatile, helping players save space or actions while being chased by zombies. The auto-fire and auto-aim functions are the most useful, assisting the player to save ammo while having the highest accuracy based on each weapon. Besides, it also helps users access items faster through the toolbar below to easily escape from many dangerous situations. Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike


Besides using weapons, the character upgrade system will help players make better progress in survival and give them more attractive abilities to survive. However, based on the survival time in each map, the strength and pace of the zombies will increase gradually, creating pressure in each round. The upgrade system will help reduce pressure and increase entertainment for players to have the most thrilling experience. Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike


Pixel Combat will have many excellent rewards for players to progress further in gameplay, like unlocking new weapons or giving them brilliant skins. The skins also have many special effects, which greatly affect the survival process and give players a lot of funny customizations on the battlefield. It also makes them stand out more when playing with friends and shows creative ideas to design the most impressive costumes. Entertaining but straightforward content like zombie killing makes Pixel Combat one of many potential and entertaining games. It also integrates with many impressive systems to diversify gameplay and create opportunities for everyone to support each other to survive in the fiercest battles.

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下载 APK (121.95MB)
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89 hr

если так то игра не плохая даже сказать интересная.Продолжайте и удаче вам!

51 hr

Not a bad game