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Radarbot 8.8.3 MOD APK

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App Name Radarbot
Genre Traffic
Size 185.36MB
Latest Version 8.8.3
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Rating 3.8/5 (4 votes)
下载 APK (185.36MB)
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Radarbot MOD APK 8.8.3,Free

The only app that combines real-time alerts with the best offline radar detection alert system. With Radarbot, you will have the best radar alerts, real time traffic alerts and specific speed limit alerts for different vehicles (cars, motorbikes, trucks and commercial vehicles) in one powerful app. Drive while focusing on what really matters and enjoy your trip.With Radarbot, drive more peacefully. Safer. Better.RADAR WARNINGSEnjoy driving without having to worry about jeopardizing your driver’s license or your safety. Avoid traffic fines and penalties by receiving clear warnings before reaching a radar:- Fixed radars.- Speed trap hotspots.- Tunnel radars.- Average speed cameras (the app shows your average speed).- Traffic light cameras.Plus:- Dangerous driving areas.- Seat belt or cell phone use cameras.- Restricted area access control cameras.- Potholes and speed bumps on the road.* FEATURES:- It works in any country.- It is compatible with other apps. You can use Radarbot simultaneously with other GPS navigators or your favorite music app. You will continue to receive alerts in the background or while the screen is turned off.- Alerts only in the direction you are driving. The app automatically ignores radars in the opposite direction or off route.- Voice alerts.- Sound alerts when approaching a radar or going over the speed limit.- Vibration mode for motorists.- Completely configurable warning distances and parameters.- Automatic Bluetooth connection and startup.- Compatible with Wear OS.REAL-TIME ALERTSReal-time alerts will warn you of any unexpected circumstances. Radarbot has a community of over 50 million drivers worldwide to share and receive alerts. Find out immediately what is happening on the road and avoid traffic jams, road hazards, accidents, mobile radars, police, helicopters, drones and much more.UPDATED RADARSRadarbot has the most powerful and updated radar database in the world. Our team of experts performs daily updates to ensure that the database is always up-to-date. Not a single radar can escape the prying eyes of Radarbot!RADARBOT WORLDWIDETry our "FREE" version totally free of charge and with no time limits. If you want to enjoy the full experience, you can try "Radarbot GOLD" or "Radarbot GOLD RoadPro" with integrated GPS navigation, unique advantages and, of course, no advertising.GPS NAVIGATION AND SPEED LIMITSDiscover the power of Radarbot. The GOLD version provides you everything you need while on the road in a single app: GPS navigation, radars and speed limits. You will reach your destination safely, even if you don't have an Internet connection. Travel and receive radar alerts all over the world, without worrying about mobile network coverage.Where would you like to go?* FEATURES:- Offline navigation and 3D maps.- Option to choose a route with fewer radars.- Road speed limits.- Alert for school areas and their radars.- Radarbot copilot. Put your seat belt on!ARE YOU A PROFESSIONAL DRIVER?"Radarbot GOLD RoadPro" includes everything a professional driver could need:- Routes with special restrictions for trucks and commercial vehicles.- Speed limits and specific radars for trucks.- Distance alerts adapted to heavy vehicles.If you have any doubts or questions, we would be more than happy to assist you at radarbot@iteration-mobile.com or from the customer support option within the app.Download Radarbot now and become a member of the "Enjoy driving!" movement.

Radarbot 介绍

Radarbot 作为近期非常火爆的navigation应用,在全球范围内吸引了大量喜爱navigation的用户。如果您想下载这个应用程序,moddroid 是您的最佳选择。 moddroid不仅免费为您提供最新版本的 Radarbot 8.8.3,还免费提供Free模组,帮助您免费解锁应用的所有功能。 moddroid 承诺所有 Radarbot 模组不会向用户收取任何费用,并且100%安全、可用、免费安装。只需下载moddroid客户端,即可一键下载安装 Radarbot 8.8.3。还等什么,立即下载 moddroid!


Radarbot 作为一款热门的navigation应用,其强大的功能吸引了大量用户。与传统的navigation应用程序相比, Radarbot 提供了更丰富的体验和更强大的功能。您只需下载安装 Radarbot 8.8.3,即可轻松体验所有功能,完全免费!此外,moddroid还支持navigation应用,供粉丝交流心得,分享应用中遇到的快乐,还等什么,快来下载吧


moddroid不仅完全免费提供原创 Radarbot 8.8.3,还附赠mod版本,免费为您提供Free功能,您可以体验到 Radarbot 的最高境界8.8.3功能最全。此外,所有模组均经过 moddroid 手动认证,100% 免费且可用。现在,您只需将moddroid下载到客户端,即可一键下载安装Freemod版本 Radarbot 8.8.3,即可享受 Radarbot 带来的便利】!


只需点击下载按钮安装moddroid APP,即可直接一键下载moddroid安装包中的免费mod版本 Radarbot 8.8.3,还有更多免费流行的mod应用等你来玩,还等什么,赶紧下载吧!

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下载 APK (185.36MB)
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Great Mod....thanks. Will there be an update version soon please.......🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟