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Koloro 6.2.2 MOD APK VIP Unlocked

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App Name Koloro
Genre Photography
Size 50.05MB
Latest Version 6.2.2
MOD Info VIP Unlocked
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Rating 5.0/5 (1 vote)
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Koloro MOD APK 6.2.2,VIP Unlocked

Lightroom Presets Koloro is the photo editor with perfect color filters. Koloro, your all-in-one pic editor editing apps. ※1000+ lightroom Presets and Overlays to enhance your photos & videos.※One-click share or import recipe with QR Code in Instagram※Easy Batch edit for photo & video, copy & paste your edit!※20+ premiere editing tools, HSL, split tone, Glow, curve and more.※Recommended by insta Bloggers on Instagram and Tiktok. 【Presets for adobe Lightroom editing apps for pictures】-1000+ premium filters and presets art lab, more presets are coming.-Now you can post your preset to Instagram or Pinterest. Multiple wonderful canvas can be chosen. You can also import recipes from other people with Code. Share your recipe and creativity. -DNG file to share lightroom preset box in adobe Lightroom Mobile with perfect adjustment.-Camera tool with advanced lightroom presets app made by pro filmmakers and videomakers.-LOMO retro and vintage trendy indie filter with and VHS dazz cam film presets for Tiktok.-Foodies in cities, stylish teal & orange cinematic rni film presets, which is suitable for the disposable camera effect.-Cyberpunk presets for sci-fi color tone, Boho presets for woody warm tone wedding insta photos, Indie Kid presets with vibrant color. Violeta and Champagne Lightroom presets for luxury youtube & Instagram influencers.-Created for sharing in Instagram, Unsplash and 500px. 【Lr Presets for Video editing apps】-All of presets can be used into video editing. The best option for video editor and video maker-Easy to use! Crop video and other methods just like to edit your photo as usual.Post your dazz cam footage or wonderful video with lightroom presets to Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and Youtube etc. Koloro helps you become excellent video maker. 【Perfect Overlay】-Using prequel overlays to make lovely photos with effects for LR using to mix photos.-Trendy shadow, window blind or sun blind effects, try the hottest sunblind effects. Firework overlay for festival celebration, lovers and family gathering.-Kirakira overlay is suitable for vogue style photo, sparkle your life!-3d photo and glitch sparkle effects in vintage 8mm film, rni-style 35mm film3d and instant film.-Dust and smoke or grain & film Scratch for MV and vintage photo or selfie.Grab the beauty in your snap art shot and create your instant story style for Instagram! 【Advanced Editing Tools】-Easy copy & Paste your photo edit for multiple photos and manage your projects.-Advanced photo editing tools photo effects to be your best filter editing app. Your aesthetic photo editing App.-Basic adjustment: brightness or shadows and change the exposure and highlights and contrast-HSL, structure, curve and grain are now available, more POR features coming!-Retouch & Makeup your works with this editing apps easily! 【Custom Recipes】-Create your own recipes for filters and presets with just a few clicks.-Add your favorite presets, manage your filters & presets library for photographers.-Post your work in social networks Instagram and Twitter or Facebook and Snapchat! Create your own design the color story with this pics art hub! The best photo filters and pro effects app. Best filter app for Instagram. Koloro is a user-friendly photo editing tool for Android. Ultimate darkroom LR photo editor pro. Use Koloro designed filters for pics & videos & vlog, presets for Instagram. Unfold better photos by using our cam filters and overlays. Share them on social media, like Instagram. Twitter and Facebook is a good choice. Send your photo to Pinterest and share it on Snapchat. Upload your editing video on Youtube or Tik Tok, etc.

Koloro 介绍

Koloro 作为近期非常火爆的photography应用,在全球范围内吸引了大量喜爱photography的用户。如果您想下载这个应用程序,moddroid 是您的最佳选择。 moddroid不仅免费为您提供最新版本的 Koloro 6.2.2,还免费提供VIP Unlocked模组,帮助您免费解锁应用的所有功能。 moddroid 承诺所有 Koloro 模组不会向用户收取任何费用,并且100%安全、可用、免费安装。只需下载moddroid客户端,即可一键下载安装 Koloro 6.2.2。还等什么,立即下载 moddroid!


Koloro 作为一款热门的photography应用,其强大的功能吸引了大量用户。与传统的photography应用程序相比, Koloro 提供了更丰富的体验和更强大的功能。您只需下载安装 Koloro 6.2.2,即可轻松体验所有功能,完全免费!此外,moddroid还支持photography应用,供粉丝交流心得,分享应用中遇到的快乐,还等什么,快来下载吧


moddroid不仅完全免费提供原创 Koloro 6.2.2,还附赠mod版本,免费为您提供VIP Unlocked功能,您可以体验到 Koloro 的最高境界6.2.2功能最全。此外,所有模组均经过 moddroid 手动认证,100% 免费且可用。现在,您只需将moddroid下载到客户端,即可一键下载安装VIP Unlockedmod版本 Koloro 6.2.2,即可享受 Koloro 带来的便利】!


只需点击下载按钮安装moddroid APP,即可直接一键下载moddroid安装包中的免费mod版本 Koloro 6.2.2,还有更多免费流行的mod应用等你来玩,还等什么,赶紧下载吧!

下载 Koloro (MOD, VIP Unlocked)

下载 APK (50.05MB)
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