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Toca Kitchen
App Name Toca Kitchen
Genre Education
Size 61.77MB
Latest Version 2.0-play
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Are you a person who possesses a passion for food and always aspires to become a famous chef? Then let Toca Kitchen help you realize your dream! Now, you will own a restaurant that specializes in famous sushi dishes. The game is brought under the name of a familiar game maker Toca Boca. Coming to the game, your job will be very simple, that is to live with your chef's passion and get the joy from the feedback of the customers. All the steps to be able to create dishes and deliver them to your guests will be done by your hands. So what are you waiting for without quickly installing the application and experiencing any chef work! lqgHRwJg-Z-bTtpblYTs2B-P4dFdoFwqqxb_dxLrvarXphB_6OJKAszCaVIQeFK-0RFD=w1000 (1000×625)

A great game for the family

Coming to the app, the first thing you can tell for sure is that an extremely lovely cooking space has been created. So the question is, is this a game suitable for which players? The game is created with the goal of education for young children. So the graphics, the game genre will always be aimed at families with babies. Surely when you allow your babies to play this game, they will have an extremely exciting feeling. Through it, the children will also be discovered things like: Does the cat like salty fish? Will the boy eat potatoes and green vegetables?. The game also added to the customer characters cute expressions after enjoying your food.

Lovely guests are waiting for food

So in order to make the kids excited, what does Toca Kitchen have to do in its game? And to be able to lead the story in each game, it is always necessary to be the characters. And this game is no exception when it comes to possessing extremely special characters. hGvAe2JknA0F35K9mdCfGlMXuPRiudaIja0JGC5QRNXtE2sVI3MmsR0NdD_a7qSv6A=w1000 (1000×625) The characters that appear in this game will bring in you the task of being the customers visiting your restaurant. And with the developer tuning, these characters have an extremely funny and lovely appearance. Babies will surely enjoy creating cute characters like this waiting for food. Besides, the emotional expressions of these characters after enjoying the dishes brought from you are also very diverse.

A lot of interesting dishes will be cooked through the hands of the chef

Toca Kitchen is a cooking game, so the most important thing will definitely be the cooking operations. And to help players perform their tasks, the app has many interesting options. Thereby, the game has prepared all the necessary ingredients for the meals of our lovely guests. And the main ingredients for our talented chef will include 12 categories. They are beef, sausage, fish, potatoes, mushrooms, cauliflower, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, ... nf1isUeNKxGc1vq5b4w2CDeYAU8DY6ArnA1lZs2DPW9ILNNXvmF4YMW92BgW7VsEec0=w1000 (1000×625) Thanks to your cooking hands, they will surely be specially processed into about 180 different interesting dishes depending on the dining preferences of the customer. And in order to be able to create many such dishes, the method of processing will also play an extremely important role. Therefore, many different cooking methods including cutting, boiling, frying, cooking, putting in the microwave, ... will be supported by the game to prepare. Now any kind of dish will be made using different methods and different ingredients.

Other special features available in the application

In addition, the application also adds special features that will make players satisfied with how to serve. The first Toca Kitchen pledges to their players that this game will never contain any advertising content from third parties. Thereby, players who are children will not be bored while experiencing the game but being interrupted too much due to advertising reasons. Plus, this is an educational entertaining game for kids, so there won't be any scoring rules that will appear in the game. As a result, the babies will not feel too pressured because they are too burdened by the scores. And along with the no-ads rule, the game also commits users that there will be no in-app purchases. mpO4cpXHkALD5AbmYYZKbsVmboYD6ukNt87dExGeB0BgLo5i4JfSBZAaBZjiT1O-Fg=w1000 (1000×625) And finally, the graphics will be an important task that the manufacturer has done very well. The game owns extremely cute cartoon graphics and interfaces suitable for children. So what are you waiting for without quickly installing the application so that the children can enjoy their passionate cooking experience?

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下载 APK (61.77MB)
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